Why Service is Crucial


Clocks are machines, just like your car. But unlike your car, clocks run all the time. Literally 24/7. So it's little wonder that in 5 years' time, your clock's fastest moving gear has spun around more than 2.5 million times! Homes can be dusty places, even though you don't usually see the dust in the air. And dust is abrasive stuff. It gets into the movement and gets into the pivots causing wear. You need to have your clock serviced to make sure that wear doesn't become excessive. If it does, the wear will eventually stop the clock as gears get misaligned and friction overcomes the power the clock can provide.

A Service Plan to Extend the Life of Your Clock

Get a 5-Year Plan


Maintaining your clock on 5-Year plan is a lot like maintaining your car. Preventative maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your clock running and avoiding expensive repair bills. Your clock will most likely continue to run for many years after it has been serviced. But as it wears when dust gets into the mechanism, slowly the clock heads toward requiring more than just a cleaning and oiling. Bearings must be replaced and sometimes hard-to-find parts must be replaced. Keep your clock running and out of the repair shop by signing up for a 5-Year plan. We'll contact you when it's time to have your clock serviced again. We'll come and get the parts we need to service the clock and put it back in great running condition. 

Fix What's Broken

Repairs Done Right

Clock repair can be a tricky business. There are lot of moving parts! And when it's done, everything has to not only function, but it has to look good, too. Also, every clock has a history that began when it was manufactured. In most cases, you don't want to disturb that history. Restoration should be gentle. Nick of Time will repair problems with your clock and preserve the clock's history.