Clock Repair

Repairing your clock includes these steps:

  • A complete assessment of the clock's shortcomings.
  • Careful disassembly. The parts of your clock are largely irreplacable. We ensure they can't be lost or confused with someone else's.
  • A thorough cleaning. Our process removes old oil, abrasive dirt, and particulate metals. 
  • Inspection. We look for worn bearings, missing parts, and parts that are too worn to function. If anything is out of spec, we replace or repair those parts.
  • Reassembly. Everything goes back together, carefully restoring the mechanism to a functional unit.
  • Oiling. We use only the finest synthetic clock oils. Discreetly and tactically applied, this keeps your clock running smoothly and with minimum friction.
  • Testing and setup. We make sure your clock runs for several days before returning it to its case. Even if the clock runs immediately after reassembly, there can be conditions that crop up later that stop the clock. We want to be sure we catch those before we return the clock to you.
  • Setup. We return grandfather clock movements to you at no extra charge. We will return the movement to its case and make sure everything is set up and running before we leave.
  • Case repair. If your case requires repair, we can provide that service, as well. We use repair techniques that preserve the original structure and finish of the clock whereever possible. For example, hide glue is used to reassemble broken pieces and shellac to restore finishes. All case work is quoted before work begins.

But How Much Will it Cost?

We hope you are better informed about why your clock needs service on a regular basis. You are still reading, so clearly the clock you own is important to you. But finances are always at play when it comes to things you own. Our prices are a little higher than what you might find, but the cost and the results are worthwhile.


Click on the price list button to the right to see what we typically charge for each class of clock. For grandfather clocks, this includes pick up and delivery of the mechanism. For this price, we completely disassemble and clean the movement, inspect it for damage, replace worn bearings (called bushings in the clock business), reassemble it, adjust and test the clock. If your clock is older, it's more likely to require special care and parts that may not even be available. So extra requirements we learn about once we are inside the movement and can see the damage usually cost extra. 


We also charge extra for clocks that have 7 or 9 chime elements (such as Hershede 9-tube grandfathers). We charge more if the case requires repairs. If any parts are required, those, too would be extra. Bushings are not, however: those are included in the service.


To help you keep your clock in good condition so it will not require so many parts replacements over its lifetime, we recommend a service contract for your clock. If you're the kind of person who likes to make sure your clock is always in top running condition, click on the button to the right and read more about our service contracts.


Estimates are always free of cost.