Get Acquainted

This service is not for everyone. If you are local, let us do the work. If you are not local, and you have some mechanical experience, send us the movement!


Leave the movement repairs to the experts! Clock restoration requires years of experience, a service we proudly provide. Don't risk it yourself—trust us for skilled and reliable clock repairs.

How Long Will it Take?

We cannot predict here how long your repair will take. We can give you a better idea once we have the movement in the shop.









Stay in Touch

We will keep you informed about the status of your clock by email. We'll send you one with your estimate, one when parts arrive (if needed), and one when the movement is complete. Finally, we will inform you when your clock is shipped and on its way back to you.




How Much Will it Cost?

Your estimate is free. We need to examine the movement in order to let you know how much we will charge. Shipping in both directions is your responsibility. If you choose not to have the work done, we will need your credit card information to ship the movement back to you at your expense.




Do it Yourself (Almost) Clock Repair


If you can't bring your clock to us, then ship us your clock and let us restore it professionally. Unless there is damage to the case, a stopped clock most often is a result of a problem within the mechanism called the movement. This is the mechanical device at the heart of your clock that keeps time. For large clocks, it is usually pretty easy to remove the movement. If you have a little mechanical experience and can follow directions well, then your clock repair experience will be a success.


If this sounds like something you are interested in, read on. We can have your clock running in fine condition soon.


Here's a summary of what we will be doing in this project:

  • Your responsibilities:
    • Remove the movement from your clock
    • Ship the movement
    • If you decide to have us do the work, pay half the estimate up front, the remainder of the invoice on completion
    • Pay for shipping to return your clock regardless of your decision to have us do the work
    • Replace the movement into your clock
  • Our responsibilities:
    • Assist you with removing, packing and shipping the movement
    • Estimate the repair cost (at no charge to you)
    • Inform you when we recieve your clock, with the estimate, whether we need to order parts, when those parts arrive, when your clock is repaired, and when it has been shipped back to you
    • Pack your movement (possibly in a different shipping container)
    • Ship your clock back to you after payment has been mader
    • Assist you with restoring the movement to its case and setting up the clock to run
    • Provide you with a 1-year warranty in case anything goes wrong (we will return ship warranty work free)


Would you like to get started? Contact us on our website at We'll call you and start the process.