5-Year Plans

For a monthly fee, we agree to service your clock every 5 years. For no additional cost will clean the movement, inspect it for needed repairs, service the clock and set it running again. Needed repairs are extra, but since you subscribe to the plan, you get a 20% discount on parts and service.


Cancel at any time. You are under no obligation to continue the plan.


A full service is required to initiate your plan. But you get the 20% discount on that service, too.


If you are interested in the plan, fill out our support form below. Include some pictures of your clock so we can give you an estimate for the initial service and the plan.


We offer service plans for just $10 per month for smaller clocks; $15 per month for grandfathers; and $17 per month for antique tall clocks. Prices may vary depending on your clock.