5-Year Plans

For a monthly fee, we service your clock every 5 years.

You get these great benefits:


Free cleaning every 5 years

Free oiling every 5 years

Free inspection for needed repairs every 5 years

Free pickup delivery and setup every 5 years

20% discount on parts and service

2-year warranty instead of 1 year


Cancel at any time. You are under no obligation to continue the plan. We will prorate your refund to the next full month, should you decide to cancel.


A full service is required to initiate your plan. You receive the 20% discount on that service if you sign up and pay for a plan at the time of service. Payment for the service and the first year of the plan is due on delivery. The plan is billed annually thereafter.

The plan does not cover repairs, but you receive the 20% discount on needed repairs if you choose to take advantage of it.

If you are interested in the plan, fill out our support form on our contacts page here. Include some pictures of your clock so we can give you an estimate for the initial service and the plan.


We offer service plans starting at just $5 per month for smaller clocks; $10 per month for grandfathers; and $17 per month for antique tall clocks. Plans are billed annually.


Prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of your clock. One plan per clock. The 5-year plan does not cover physical damage to the clock of any kind. However, the 20% discount is extended to physical damage repair, should you want to take advantage of that service. Physical damage repair is quoted separately and requires an assessment and a quotation from our shop. Should you decide to cancel, we will prorate your return from the day of payment to the next full month after you request cancelation. The five-year period for the next service resets at every service. This plan does not imply free service more often than every five years. Plan prices are subject to change, but your price is locked in for five years starting with your first payment.


The warranty is dependent on complete payment and is applicable solely to clocks that have undergone full servicing. It excludes part costs, including any additional parts needed to fulfill the warranty, though all labor expenses are covered by the warranty. The warranty period spans one year from the clock's delivery to the customer, with customers holding service contracts entitled to a two-year warranty.